Yossian Buildings is one of the most well known construction companies in the real estate sector in Israel specializing in property improvement,  developing complex building projects in Israel and abroad while identifying potential clients for these properties.

The company is built in a way that allows the customer to avail himself of the services of different departments that each provide a full array of services customized to the particular project, all working in full balance between them. This division of services is set up to ensure that the customer is connected to all the services he may need for his project all under one roof.This division of services ultimately yields maximum efficiency and monetary gain for the customer. From its establishment, Yossian Buildings, headed by Elram Yossian, has put special emphasis on reliability, customer service, and hiring only first-rate professionals. Elram Yossian's specialization is finding high-yielding transactions, improving properties with potential, initiating projects for immediate construction, Tama 38 and "luxury" evacuation /reconstruction projects.

The demand for the company is particularly high, thanks to a high standard of construction without compromising fair pricing. These standards start with the selection of the most attractive neighborhoods down to the smallest details. All the apartments offer a rich selection from the leading manufacturers in Israel, with designed interior doors, luxurious kitchens, luxurious cladding and more. There are two crucial aspects in every Yossian Buildings project which are the driving force all our stages of their work, namely, "Mission" and "Responsibility".

Elram Yossian believes wholeheartedly that he can improve the quality of life of his customers and allow them to live in a safe, secure and green environment. All of Yossian Buildings' r projects are carried out by professionals and expert consultants, the best in their field, who give maximum attention to every detail, while meeting the strictest standards of safety.

Yossian's motto is "we must always remember that In every building people live, and that every project is first and foremost because of them and for them".